SandCatcher Boudoir
Yes. I am a happily married man. A father of two. I am a Christian. And I offer Boudoir. How do I square that? Let me tell you. 
I started this journey for the benefit of my bride of over 20 years. She is stunning, and one of the most amazing people that I know. I wanted her to have a shoot done for me, but she just was not comfortable in front of someone else's lens, and could not see the value in the money spent.
 So, as a photographer, I decided to add this to my list of skills. I wanted this for me. I studied for over a year. Lighting. Poses. Gear. Everything I needed to "Make her feel beautiful" in front of the camera.  I purchased courses and studied with some of the best Boudoir photographers out there. 
What I learned along the way was unexpected. I saw over and over again the emotion from the client. The tears at the reveal. The deep connection with themselves. This really moved me. I live to honor my bride. I serve in any way that I can. Yes, I am that guy. I cook and clean, I do the dishes if the kids do not. It brings me great pleasure and a sense of pride to serve her.
After a year of practicing the style, several fumbling awkward shoots and printing albums for her, she admitted to me that she had breakthrough. She IS beautiful. She is amazing. And now she sees herself the way that I always have. She and I both realized that these shoots are more for her than for me. The albums will make her cry, time and time again. They are powerful. They are revealing. They are deeply HER.
Boudoir is private. It is for YOU and your significant other. It is not for the world to see. It is therapeutic and uplifting.  I think that it is powerful and helps you connect with yourself again. This is a service that I offer ONLY with her approval - and never without both of us present. Contact me if you want to know more.